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iLumina is a rural resilience and digital inclusion campaign that brings resources to rural communities.


In order to help rural communities thrive we need organizations to meet business owners and individuals where they are: on their farms, at their stores, and in their libraries.


Together with our partners, NCW Tech Alliance will lift the Cascade curtain and skill our region for tomorrow's economy.


Digital Skilling Boots on the ground training programs to upskill workers in agriculture and manufacturing; and, Wifi Task Force works with ISP Providers, Public Utilities, and Schools to find the gaps and connect students


Digital Transformation Local tech mentors provide wrap around support to small and at-risk businesses to launch digital commerce, data driven decisions, & technology integration; and, Annual AI Expo generates curiosity and exploration of AI technology use across agriculture, healthcare, and public power systems


Entrepreneurial Innovation Local investors build opportunities for small business lending and investment, focused on succession planning for generational change; and, Startups gain the resources, support, and mentorship to thrive in rural cities


Rural Leadership Development Leadership development programs focused on rural resilience trains advocates across the region; and, Tech mentors work across systems to support both our pipeline of local talent and help drive the outreach/support needed for business transformation

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