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The Apple STEM Network is an alliance of K-12, Higher Ed, and community partners seeded at the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia rivers.

Sign Up For the NCW Tech & STEM Showcase at the NCW Fair August 24 - 27 in Waterville

Students and teachers are invited to showcase their projects in technology and STEM during the NCW Fair August 24 - 27. Share your exciting work in areas like robotics, virtual reality, computer science, and more! Sign up to present during a two-hour window on either Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! This is a free, fun, and unique opportunity to exhibit your creativity while inspiring the community to embrace and support STEM. No cost to participate and entrance to the fair is included. Only two hours are required per participant, but you can sign up for more.

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AUGUST 24-27,2023


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is at the center of nationwide efforts to provide our students with 21st century skills. Critical thinking, discovery, innovation and problem solving are the keys to success in tomorrow’s economy and STEM related job opportunities are growing at a rapid rate. While the STEM job market is ever-expanding, there is also a wealth of support for the case that fluency in STEM subjects is vitally important for every student; regardless of their eventual pursuit of STEM vocation.

The Apple STEM Network takes every opportunity to collaboratively provide resources and infrastructure through the coordinated efforts of K-12 educators, business partners, nonprofits, higher education institutes and community leaders to promote STEM literacy with a commitment to support and empower educators in our community to foster a deep appreciation of the utility of STEM fluency in each and every student.

Connecting Our Future: Career-Connected Learning in the Columbia Basin

Connecting Our Future: Career-Connected Learning in the Columbia Basin

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