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Tech Talks for Nonprofits: The Nonprofit Practices Institute & NCW Tech Alliance have partnered together to host free quarterly Zoom Webinars on different technology topics of interest.


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Tech Talks for Nonprofits are no-cost virtual webinars and is brought to you by Nonprofit Practices Institute and NCW Tech Alliance.


We are excited to introduce our upcoming series of engaging and informative virtual Tech Talks tailored exclusively for nonprofits.

Our Tech Talks are designed to provide valuable insights into various technology topics that are of utmost relevance to nonprofit organizations.


These concise sessions, lasting 30 minutes each, will be followed by a 15-minute interactive Q&A session, making them a perfect fit for your lunch break.


All our Tech Talks will be conducted over Zoom Webinar, offering a convenient and accessible platform for participants. These informative sessions will be scheduled on a quarterly basis, ensuring that you have regular access to the latest tech trends and solutions that can benefit your nonprofit.


Stay tuned for our upcoming Tech Talk schedule, and join us as we explore the world of technology together, with a focus on empowering nonprofits to thrive in the digital age.


Website Essentials with Karly Siroky, the owner of Karma Design & founder of 509 Female Founders

Karly will guide you through the essential aspects of building and maintaining an effective website. Explore topics like design, content, accessibility, integration, user experience, SEO, domain/hosting, and more.

Whether you're a seasoned technology enthusiast or completely new to the world of tech, this session is tailored to offer valuable insights suitable for anyone on a nonprofit team. Please feel free to share this across your networks.

Tech Talks for Nonprofits are free quarterly webinars hosted by the NCW Tech Alliance in collaboration with the Nonprofit Practices Institute (NPI).

Tech Talks for Nonprofits Free Webinar - Website Essentials with Karly Siroky

Tuesday, Feb 20

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Tech Talks For NonProfits

Tech Talks For NonProfits
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Tech Talk for Non-Profits: Cloud File Storage and Sharing | Microsoft Vrs Google
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Tech Talk for Non-Profits: Introduction to ChatGPT
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